Thursday, 24 July 2014

Glenn Turner; Movie Reviews; Lane 4 Aquatics

Good morning. Today Jane's guests include:
  • 09.35am: Glenn Turner, chairman HMRI, is just home from his 3D healing walk across Europe, fundraising for diabetes, dementia, depression
  • 10.15am: Garth Weiley and Jack Lodge, Event Cinemas, review Mrs Browns Boys D'Movie; Met Opera Winter series – Rigoletto
  • 11:15am: Newcastle City Councillor Nuatali Nelmes. Newcastle City Council has approved Lane 4 Aquatics to operate swimming centres at Mayfield, Lambton, Wallsend and Stockton – what will this mean?

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Peter Macmurray; Chris Hayes; Jason Harvey

Good morning. Today Jane has:
  • 09.35am: Peter Macmurray, LMCC Transport Coordinator. Now that the first stage of the Speers Point to Glendale cycleway is complete – where to next?
  • 10.15am: Chris Hayes, Hunter New England Health. In National Pain Week, Hunter New England Health is bringing the latest information on managing chronic pain to libraries
  • 11:15am: Jason Harvey, LMCC, discusses events and activities for National Tree Day this Sunday

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Jim Jose; Aubrey Brooks; Tim Roberts; Clare Dunn

Good morning. Today Jane has:
  • 09.15am: Associate Professor Jim Jose discusses what’s happening in State and Federal politics
  • 10.15am: Aubrey Brooks, the NSW Government Heritage Volunteer of the Year, talks about the upcoming Newcastle Bar Mill reunion
  • 11:15am: Professor Tim Roberts, Director of the Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment at the University of Newcastle, describes the long march of the cane toad
  • 11.35am: Claire Dunn talks about My Year Without Matches, her book about being in the NSW wilderness, to be launched tomorrow

Monday, 21 July 2014

Novatones; Diet Bytes; Mural at Merewether Beach

Good morning. Today on the show Jane has:
  • 10:15am: Rod Woodhouse, Novatones, is running a course in barbershop harmony in Newcastle
  • 10:45am: Dr Megan Rollow discusses Diet Bytes and Baby Bumps, a research project looking for pregnant participants
  • 11:15am: Trevor Dickinson, artist, tells us about his new mural in the Merewether Beach access tunnel nearing completion (due 23 July)

Friday, 18 July 2014

Arts News; University Art Fair; local play bound for Edinburg

Good morning. Today on the show:
  • 10.15am: Arts News with Lindsay Carr
  • 11:15am: Gillean Shaw, University of Newcastle Gallery Director, and Vic Levy, Friends of the University of Newcastle, discuss the upcoming University Art Fair supported by the Friends of the University
  • 11.35am: Philip Aughey, local playwright, Anvil Creek Theatre, has a play The Exchange on tour and heading to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in August

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Brass Blokes; NUSport; Hunter Valley Winery Run; robot recognises human emotion

Good morning. Today on the show:
  • 09.35am: Michael Hagan talks about the Brass Blokes Award, being presented this Friday evening with interactive panel discussion
  • 10.15am: Andrew Yapp and Chris Hicks from NUSport discuss Newcastle's Eastern University Games win and Commonwealth Games athletes
  • 11:15am: Paul Humphreys, Director of Hunter Valley Winery Running Festival, has news of the Hunter Valley Winery Run, to be held on 20th July
  • 11.35am: Aaron Wong, researcher from University of Newcastle, tells us about new robot technology developed by the University of Newcastle which can recognise and respond to human emotions

Monday, 14 July 2014

Professor Caroline McMillen; Pharmacy students at Hunter Wetlands; Donkey Sanctury; magnets

Good morning. On the show today Jane Klein has:
  • 10.15am: University of Newcastle Vice Chancellor Professor Caroline McMillen
  • 10:45am: Conjoint Professor of Practice in Pharmacy Chris Piggott discusses pharmacy students gaining practical experience and local knowledge at Hunter Wetlands
  • 11:15am: John from Good Samaritan Donkey Sanctuary discusses the Sanctuary's Christmas in July function
  • 11.35am: University of Newcastle's Dr Simon Iveson tells us why magnets don't lose their energy and fall off the fridge door